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Mario Bianco



Mario Ulises Mateo Bianco was born on 1949, in the Montevidean quarter of Pocitos. At a very early age, and guided by his father, Antonio "Toto" Bianco, uncles and cousins, all of them musicians, he started to study at the "Escuela Municipal de Música". After learning Music Theory and solfeggio, he studied double bass, keyboards like piano and wind instrumens like bandoneon.  

Mario Bianco, with famous masters
Romualdi and Fabiani.

In 1950, his father Toto and his uncle Juan Bianco established their Bandoneon School and Tuning Shop, known as "El Pulguero" downtown Montevideo, at 1123 San Jose Street. Mario kept on studying double bass at AUDEM (Asociación Uruguaya de Músicos) with various professors: Battesini, Addiego, Planas and then Federico Garcia Vigil at the Balzo Conservatory.

By this time, through Antonio and Juan, he got in contact with most of Montevidean Tango bands, especially with Romeo Gavioli until this popular singer passed away in 1957.

Mario played in many "Orquestas Típicas", as Donato Racciatti, Toto D'Amario, and Miguel Villasboas (for 7 years). Then, he joined Miguel Angel Trillo, to form the "Trio Sur", playing a more modern style. He also played bass in the famous Cesar Zagnoli’s trio. .

Mario also played tango music Juan D'Arienzo style  at "Conjunto Tipico Espectaculo Cirino - Alberti".

Mario, with Miguel Angel Trillo (bandoneon) and Luis Alberto Etchebarne (piano) playing at Joventango in a tribute recital to his father Antonio "Toto" Bianco.

By this time, with his elder cousins, he worked in artisanal luthier's work, manufacturing and maintenance of musical instruments. These cousins formed afterwards some of the pioneer and most important bands of Montevideo with international fame, namely,  “Los Shakers”, “Shaker’s”,  The Innocents, etc. 
(By 1967, "Los Shakers" were probably the first rock/fusion band to perform tangos and use a bandoneon on a commercial rock recording, as heard on "Mas largo que el ciruela" song)

They moved Rio de Janeiro, playing at the Sinfónica de Niteroi, after playing in the Orquestas del Teatro of Rio and San Pablo. Their current activities can be followed at their page:
In 1976, the old shop building at San Jose street was demolished, and the Biancos moved to their next location at 1296 (Main Ave.) 18 de Julio, Galeria San Felipe y Santiago.

Since its opening in 1950,  the Bianco’s shop has been trusted by the best bandoneon players of Montevideo and Buenos Aires for bandoneon maintenance, tuning and appraisals.

Sometimes musicians from Cruises stop at Bianco Bandoneon Store shop for instrument tuning and maintenance.

Mario and his father are registered as official Piano Tuners by AUDEM (Association of Uruguayan Musicians).

Mario (playing a McCartney model 500 Höfner Violin bass), with famous musicians Edison Bordon (bandoneon) and Luis Alberto Etchebarne (piano). 

Nowadays, Mario Bianco shares activities as bandoneon tuner and musician, leading his own musical band.



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